Vencomatic, Quality Partner of RED-L-Systems

The RED-L-system has been patented under the patent nos. 1007134 and 1008719. European patent has been applied for under no. 98203243.5. The RED-L-system is manufactured under licence by Vencomatic and sold through the Vencomatic dealer organisations.
The RED-L-system has already become operational in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and France.
RED-L-System also likes to cooperate with Vencomatic in the field of egg transport systems. Not in the least because of the user and egg friendly transport systems. Thanks to the construction of the especially developed plastic carriers, each egg stays on the belt, even on very steep slopes. Corners have a small radius.

Passable grid with mushroom shaped plastic roosts that have soft grip top layers for optimal sitting comfort. Thanks to the special click-system of the roosts, they can be placed at or removed from any location, also for cleaning.

Movable nest floor.

Plastic Venco-mat as nest floor litter.

Vencomatic, quality partner of RED-L-Systems

The Spiral Feeding System

An extremely manoeuvrable and efficient feeding system. Thanks to thespecial worm wheel construction, it takes only a few minutes to get the feed where it should be and without loss. Of course, a chain feeder is possible as well.